BLEE is Colour, Hue, Complexion, Form, Texture, Light, Consistency, Aspect, Appearance.


BLEE is an art activist group that wants to materialize conflicts and encounters among the residents of a particular place, through works of art, created together in public space. Each work is the result of a participatory work, from conception to realization. The main tools used are empathy and complicity, photography and painting.

Arrecife, Lanzarote, Spain April 2016 Durante tres semanas, 20 jóvenes, entre 15 y 21 años,
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Situ:    Barrio de San Cristobal, Las Palmas, Canary island, Spain Date:   Abril 2016
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Liberi dentro
IPM Nisida, Cárcel de menores, Napoli, Italia May - June - July 2015  
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LUCE – Bianco
Title:   LUCE situ:    Rione Sanità, Napoli, Italia. Date:   Marzo 2016 Concept: Quando
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