BLEE is Colour, Hue, Complexion, Form, Texture, Light, Consistency, Aspect, Appearance.


BLEE is an art activist group that wants to materialize through pieces of art, created together in public space, conflicts and encounters among the inhabitants of a particular places.

Each work is the result of a participatory work, from conception to realization.

The main tools used are empathy and complicity, photography and painting.

Rione Sanità, Napoli, Italia. Fondazione San Gennaro, Fondazione Con il Sud, Cooperativa la Paranza Artisti:
Caiazzo, Italy, August 2020 L’opera, realizzata sulla parete del Parcheggio Multipiano del piccolo paese in
San Gregorio Matese, Campania, Italy, june 2020 LA FINESTRA SUL CORTILE_ da un'idea del MUFOCO, da laboratorio
San Potito Sannitico, Campania, Italy, january 2020   Photographic research on public and advertising spaces.16 portraits,
Forano, Lazio, Italy. July 2018 CLIENT:  Adecco Formazione - Cooperativa Ermes - Comune di Forano
EX Lanificio, Napoli, Italy. June 2018 CLIENT:  Cooperativa Dedalus ACTION: laboratorio di stencil e cianotipia,
Las Palmas, Spain. junio 2017 - enero 2018 CLIENT:  Colegio Fernando Guanarteme Collaboration with: Felo
Zaragoza, Spain. dicember 2017 CLIENT: Stencil workshop and participated wall, curated by the Galeria Urbana,
Fier, Albania. September 2017 CLIENT:  Engim Albania     AL_ ACTION: të përshkruara drejtpërdrejt nga
Ubud, Bali, Indonesia. May 2017 CLIENT:  ARMA Museum // Clean up Bali Fundation    
Cochabamba, Bolivia. November 2016 CLIENT:  Proyecto mARTadero // Fundaciòn Procasha Collaboration:  Mono González, Chile // Matías
Scampia, Napoli, Italia. June 2016. CLIENT:  Mammut youth center   ACTION: Workshops designed for young people
San Cristobal, Canary Island, Spain.  Abril 2016 CLIENT:  Municipality of Las Palmas - Asociación de vecino
 Arrecife, Lanzarote, Spain. Abril 2016 CLIENT:  Asociación Trib-arte (progetto Imago) - Cabildo di Lanzarote - MIAC
Rione Sanità, Napoli, Italy.  September 2015 CLIENT: Ass. Il Fazzoletto di Perle - Fondazione San
Museo a Cielo Abierto de San Miguel, Santiago, Chile.  November 2015 CLIENT:  Museo a Cielo Abierto
City Bell, La Plata, Argentina. Octubre 2015. CLIENT:  Univeristy of La Plata, Buenos Aires ACTION:
La Plata, Argentina. Octubre 2015 CLIENT:  University of La Plata, Buenos Aires - Abuelas de
Castellammare Del Golfo, Sicily, Italy. September 2015 CLIENT: Cici Film Festival   " order_by="sortorder" order_direction="ASC"
Naples, Italy.  May - june - july 2015 CLIENT:  IPM Nisida, Prison for Minors. Colaboration:
 Kota Kinabalu (Sabah), Malasya. Abril 2015 CLIENT:  British Council       ACTION: Terima kasih significa
Gorina, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Octubre 2014 CLIENT: La Casita de los Chicos de Gorina -
Habana vieja, Cuba. Octubre 2011 CLIENT:  Embajada Española a Cuba          
Mazzara del Vallo, Sicily, Italy.  2010 - 2011 CLIENT: The initiative is part of a broader