BLEE is Colour, Hue, Complexion, Form, Texture, Light, Consistency, Aspect, Appearance.


Forano, Lazio, Italy. July 2018

CLIENT:  Adecco Formazione – Cooperativa Ermes – Comune di Forano (LZ)

ACTION: Fourteen girls and boys, reported by the social services, of several municipalities in the province of Rieti, in the Lazio Region, participated, during two weeks, to the realization, from the idea to the creation of a participated work of art.
Following a stencil and photography workshop, we decided together the image and the words that best represented their ideas.

Humanity was the chosen word, supporting the image created by the boys themselves.

The work was a hymn to humanity, the desire to share and learn new ways to express their strengths and weaknesses.

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