BLEE is Colour, Hue, Complexion, Form, Texture, Light, Consistency, Aspect, Appearance.

Who We Are

Tono Cruz

Artist, graduated in social pedagogy at the University of Barcelona (Spain).

After working for several years as a social educator, he start to combine education with art, using it as the main tool.

From 2005 starts to dedicate himself just to art, mainly to urban art, without ever leaving the social aspect from which he comes from.

In 2006 he founded along with Felo Monzon the collective CNFSN +, which mainly develops works for galleries and public institutions in Spain.

He works alone for galleries and site-specific art, and with the collective Blee in the participatory art projects.
He can never stop turning, looking for paint lost corners of the world!

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Giuliana Conte

Cultural designer and photographer. Graduated in Foreign Languages and Literatures at the University of Bologna, and master’s degree in Management of creative processes and development at the University of Milan.

She has worked for several years in cooperation projects, both in Africa and in Italy, especially in Sicily where she met and began working with the photographer Oliviero Toscani in different social projects, using art as a tool for development and denounces.

Today creates participatory art projects around the world, and uses photography as the main means of expression to communicate what she sees and encounters by the way.

She is one of the creator of the FateLab project, which takes place in San Potito Sannitico, a small village at the foot of the Matese mountain, in Italy, where she was born, and where she lives when she is not involved in other projects.

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